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Antony Kinzell was born in April 1961 and raised in Palmdale, CA. His parents were teachers in the Palmdale School District. He lived in a rough neighborhood, and attended one of the toughest schools in the town. His childhood memories include some street fights, frequent trips to the principal’s office, and ever-present bumps and bruises.


Antony’s interest in martial arts began when he was an older child. He was a fan of the T.V. series starring David Carradine, and an avid reader of the Remo Williams action-adventure novel series. He also took a particular interest in The War Lord by James Michener.

Antony received his first formal hand-to-hand combat instruction during his service in the United States Marine Corps in the 1980’s. In 1990, he joined a martial arts class offered through Palmdale Parks and Recreation. After just three months of training, his Marine Corps Reserve unit was activated during Operation Desert Storm. Captain Kinzell was deployed to Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan, where he began the next phase of his martial arts training.

Pu Sa Bu Nym KinzellAntony’s unit could have been deployed at any time for combat operations in Iraq or Kuwait. With this in mind, he pursued the only martial arts’ training that was available to him at Camp Hansen. This gave Antony particular instruction on traditional weapons, including the kama, sai, bo staff, and “bayo-knife” (rifle bayonet). Antony trained intensively, seven days each week for ten months, and earned a black belt in that system.

When he returned to Palmdale in late 1991, Antony resumed his new career as a teacher in a juvenile probation camp. He did not resume martial arts training until 1993, when he developed stress-related headaches. After one month of headaches with no relief in sight, Antony returned in desperation to his training that he remembered. He found his original instructor’s local school and resumed practicing. After one week of training his headaches were gone, and Antony gratefully remained a student.

In 1996, Kinzell also began training in the Kuk Sool Won™ martial arts system under Master Gene Gause. After three years of focused training, Antony earned the rank of Jo Kyu Nym (first-degree black belt) in late 1998. In 2001, he was further promoted to Kyo Sa Nym (second-degree black belt).

In 2002 Master Gause became aware of family matters that required his attention. He closed his Palmdale do-jang (school) on 9th Street and moved to South Carolina. The black belts of the school continued to hold Kuk Sool Won™ classes in Antony’s garage until July of 2003, when they agreed that they should open a new formal school under Antony’s leadership. A site license was secured from the World Kuk Sool Association, and the do-jang on 6th Street East was born. Master Gene Gause provided much of the original school’s flooring, weapons, and tools as a gift.

The school promoted its first black belt, Robert Rodriguez, in 2004. In 2008, Darryl Harris was the second student to be promoted to black belt.  He was the first student to be specifically trained by Antony and continues to assist at the school.  October 2008 marked the 50-year anniversary of the Kuk Sool Won system. At the anniversary celebration tournament, Antony Kinzell was promoted to the rank of Pu Sa Bu Nym (third-degree black belt). He was honored to be able to participate in his first judging experience, be promoted with Master Gene and Grandmaster Kuk Sa Nym present, and witness the other events of the celebration.  Antony was promoted to Sa Bu Nym (fourth degree black belt) in 2012 in the presence of Master Gene and Kuk Sa Nym.

Today, Antony has moved the school location to 816 E. Palmdale Blvd and remains committed to teaching.  He also continues to study under Master Gene Gause. Antony is continually inspired by both his students and his teacher. He promotes Kuk Sool Won as a beautiful art that enhances health, strength, and coordination. He further believes that Kuk Sool Won improves its students mentally and spiritually. Finally, he points out that Kuk Sool Won offers excellent self-defense training.

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